What I do

I provide individual mental health counseling in person or online through a HIPPA certified video chat platform for adolescents and young adults.

My work with clients is based on the belief that all people carry within them the answers they long for. As we grow and develop into adulthood we adapt to the external forces of life in ways that we are most likely unaware of. This process of adaptation and molding can result in silencing or modifying who we are in ways that lead to feelings of depression, anxiety and self-loathing. 

During our sessions I will give you the tools you need in order strengthen your identity and find the answers you seek within yourself. I do this by teaching self-reflection, self-expression and connection techniques in a variety of different forms so that we can find one that fits best for you. I use evidence-based and creative techniques like Narrative therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy and expressive art therapies that have been proven to help people process intense emotions, build awareness about their feelings and how to manage them.

Who I work With

During our initial phone call or session, the majority of my clients describe feeling lost, lonely, stuck, anxious, insecure, wanting to change “old patterns”, feeling like they “overthink everything”, feeling like they are having a “quarter life crisis” and others issues surrounding a lack of self-identity.

I work with many young people who have recently graduated from residential mental health treatment facilities for drug and alcohol use, depression and other struggles. They are seeking online individual therapy to help take what they’ve learned in residential and apply it to their every day lives. Tele-therapy is an effective way to facilitate this process within their own environment.

If I am working with your child under 18, I require at least one phone call or session with a parent or legal guardian per month. Depending on clinical recommendations your child may or may not be present for the conversations.

I am not an on call therapist or crisis responder. If you or your family needs help immediately please call the Oregon youth line at: 877-968-8491 or Text: teen2teen to 839863 OR the call Multnomah County Mental Health crisis line at 503-988-4888.