Why use Voice?

From birth our voice is the primary tool we use to connect and express needs to others. Nonverbal, vocal expression is one of the earliest forms of communication among human beings. Expressing ourselves through voice is an essential part of being human that extends beyond just the words we speak but also how we speak them. Exploring your voice is a powerful way to explore who you are and how you want to be in the world.

Working with the voice provides a way to help my clients change old patterns and get unstuck. Many people feel unheard, misunderstood, or too afraid to speak up about things they feel strongly about. Many people long to sing but don’t allow themselves because their voice sounds unpleasant to them or they have received the message that they aren’t supposed to sing. Keeping the voice restricted can result in feelings of sadness, anxiety, loneliness and anger.

For many people the voice can, without warning, simply let them down. They may wish to express a particular emotion, such as anger or sympathy; they may need to install confidence or calm...however the voice simply clams up, becomes bound by tension and inhibition or else conveys an unintended mood or sense.”
— Paul Newham, The Singing Cure

How do I use the Voice?

Therapeutic voice work is about the healing process of self-expression not about sounding pretty. In our work together I will facilitate the exploration of your unique voice. Depending on what you want to work on, we will begin to identify what is preventing you from using your voice the way you want. I will encourage you to focus on the feeling of your vocal expression not the performance. I use a combination of vocal techniques, talk therapy and imagination to help you expand your knowledge of your voice.